Providing sound production and engineering for 2024 at Guilfest, Fi Fest Marvellous, A New Day and Goodwood,FOS,Revival andGoodwoof!
Providing sound production and engineering for 2024 at Guilfest, Fi FestMarvellous, A New Day and Goodwood,FOS,Revival andGoodwoof!

KV2 Audio products offer extreme high quality at any level with VHD ESR EX and ESD series offering solutions for all applications. 

The new addition to the KV2 ESR range is the ESR106 column and dedicated drive amplifier.
GUIL PA Lifting towers
Offering an alternative flying system to the normal motor hoist method where fly points are not suitable Guil ULK 800XL 350Kg swl Trim to 8m

In 2019  a KV2 VHD point source system was purchased to offer a new sonic experience for live music events. The brand has a worlwide reputation for its sound clarity and is specified on many leading theatre tours and music events. MLS can deliver, set up and run this for your event as just the PA element or as a full turnkey audio provision. A typical VHD system can run as a 5 way system and easily provide level and coverage for up to audiences of 5000 people. It provides a clear, accurate, full range long throw soultion to any live event. The system can be provided with Guil 7m heavy duty lifts for flying and requires a 63 Amp 3 phase supply
power feed.  Full speaker specs at :



MLS is part of the KV2 Audio Rental Network.

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