MLS Audio is pleased to be the 2021 sound provider for main Stage 1 at A New Day Festival
MLS Audio is pleased to be the 2021 sound provider for main Stage 1 at A New Day Festival 

Audio Engineering for Live Events Conference and Tours

Sound Engineering

Guy Morris provides personal

sound engineering services along with a selection of industry standard audio equipment (if required) for a full provision of systems for Live events, Solo Artists, Bands, Conference, Seminars,Press Conferences, Awards Shows, Artist showcases,Comedy/artist tours, after parties and private events. I have a very broad taste in music genres and enjoy mixing Blues,Country,Jazz,Guitar rock and Heritage bands many of who I spent my teenage years listening to! The other side of my work takes me into the strict disciplines of Theatre and Conference which unlike many I enjoy the different challenges.

Over the years I have experienced a variety of sound products and realise I'm a bit of a purist, it all started with my first point source Turbosound TMS 4 system and then getting to talk to Tony Andrews about sonic integrity, in recent years I met George Krampera of KV2 who follows the same ethics for natural accurate sound, now my latest investment embraces those values with the KV2 VHD, EX and ESR systems.


If you have a requirement for a sound engineer or quality audio facilities please do contact me personally.


Useful Information:

Full Clean driving licence.

UK passport (no restrictions)

Ipavf licence holder for cat 3A 3B

Non smoker

No unlawful convictions

3.5 Ton driver friendly

Own transport,

Airport access to Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Southampton,Stanstead.

Range: To infinity and beyond




Audio Equipment

MLS is a sound solution provider and as a company it is small but perfectly formed! I am always passionate about having the best tools to make a job the best it can be.

No one piece of equipment is a solution for everything so a choice of industry standard equipment is on the inventory for all types of events. All equipment is chosen for it's sonic quality,reliability and its acceptance on a tech rider. Unlike some sound company's where their websites will often feature equipment they don't own what is featured here, is owned by MLS which helps keep costs competitive for you the client.



A visit to the KV2 HQ in CZ with the two George's the men behind technology
UK country music Radio awards Dinner with multiple artist sets broadcast live
d&b D80s powering V series
MLS Audio is delighted to be providing the sound again to A New Day Festival Aug 20th-22nd 2021 for tickets and line up visit
A New Day Festival for 2021 is announced see previous years at

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MLS Audio

Invoicing 2 Clocktower Drive

Tel: 07860 895498 (mobile)


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