KV2 Yamaha Digital d&b Audiotechnik DPA Lab Gruppen Sennheiser Shure
KV2  Yamaha Digital  d&b Audiotechnik  DPA  Lab Gruppen  Sennheiser  Shure

Base Costs

Sound Engineering: from £250 /£350 + VAT  8/12Hr +

Sound Engineering with 8 way UHF pack/Lav/HH/ HS /QL1 from £650.00 + VAT

Sound Engineering with Full Band Package and PA from £1250.00 + VAT

Please check out the special inclusive package prices offered on the Package page.

All fees exclude logistics and additional crew (except the Value packages.)

Equipment specified is all standard MLS Audio stock inventory and is not cross rented.

Inventory 2019

MIXING DESKS and Dante Network hardware

Yamaha Digital QL1  16/32 ch* 

Yamaha Digital QL5  32/64ch*

Yamaha Digital CL5   72 ch*

*Reqires the Rio Stage box for 32/64/72ch

Yamaha Rio 3224-D x 2

Yamaha Rio 1608-D x 1

Yamaha SWP1 Switches x 2

Yamaha Digital M7CL 48 ch Analogue inputs only

Yamaha Digital LS9 16 Analogue inputs only

Yamaha Digital LS9 32  Analogue inputs only

Midas 48 channel Classic Analogue C/w Outboard FX/Dynamics rack



d&b V Series base package: 4x V Sub 2x V8  2x V12  2 x 4ch DSP/ 2 x D80 Amplifiers

d&b V Series package  4 x V sub 2 x V10P 2 x 4ch  2 x D80 Amplifiers

d&b Q Series package  4x Q Sub 4x Q7  2 x D12 Amplifiers

d&b Monitor wedge package   4 x MAX15 2 x MAX12 1 x D12 2 x D6 Amplifiers

d&b conference package 4/8 x E8 3 x D12 2 x B2/Q Sub

KV2 2 x EX 26 front fill /speech /main with EX2.2 Sub

KV2 2 x EX 10 Top/with EX2.2 Sub System

KV2 2 x EX 12 Top/with EX2.2 Sub System

KV2 4 x ESM 26 Discreet monitor wedges

KV2 2 x ESR 215 Full Range system  c/w ESR3000 Dedicated DSP/Amps

KV2 2 x VHD 2 Point source system Left/Right

KV2 2 x VHD 1 Point source down fill Left/Right

KV2 8 x VHD 2.16  Dual 15" Sub Bass

KV2 2 x VHD 4.21 Dual 21" Active /Passive format

KV2 2 x VHD 2000 Amp/control for VHD2

KV2 2 x VHD 3200 Amp for Sub bass

HK Cohedra 16x Mid High 8/1/1 CDR 108

HK Cohedra 12x Mid Bass Dual 10" CDR 210

HK Cohedra 6 x  Sub Bass 18" CT118

HK IL Series 4 x Sub Bass 2 x 18"

HK Contour  series 6 x 15/2" CT115 Stage monitor

HK VT series       16 x 15/2" VT115 Stage monitor

HK CT series       28 x 8/1" CT/VT 108 Stage monitor

HK Pro series      4 x 12"/1" Stage monitor

HK Active series  8 x Projector 18" Low  4 x 12"/2"  Mid/High Stage  fill /FOH

Lab Gruppen FP+10000 FP + 14000 Racks with Firnet DSP

Turbosound Heritage System FOH  6 x TMS4 18/10/1" 2 x TSW718 2x18"  2 x TSE 218 2x18"

2 x BSS FDS360 X/o  HK 2400 Amp Rack

Martin Audio Wavefront  8 x W2 12/1"  2x WS2 Dual 15"  Small FOH /stagefill/Distributed


Sennheiser 5000 series with dual mics and EM3732 Receiver

Sennheiser G3 300s 8 x Way with D/a and multiconnects 8 HH/8 Belt Packs

Sennheiser G3 500s  4 x Way with D/a and multiconnects 4 HH/4 Belt Packs

Sennheiser SR2050 Dual IEM with 2 x Beltpacks

Sennheiser G3 IEM 12x Way with D/a and multiconnects  12 Belt Packs


Conference standard DPA D:fine 8x single ear Headsets

Conference standard DPA D:screet 8 x 4080 lapel mics 

Conference standard lectern: Shure MX418s/ AT935s /AKG 747s

Concert standard DPA D:vote Orchestra set of 10x 4099 Instrument mics with

Instrument clip options

Sennheiser Hand Helds 8 x 965 capsules

Stage mics for live perfomance rider reference:


Contact Information

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Invoicing 2 Clocktower Drive

Tel: 07860 895498 (mobile)



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