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Shure  Yamaha Digital    d&b Audiotechnik     DPA    Lab Gruppen  Sennheiser  Van Damme


The past 12 months has been a great year for upgrades to ensure a great service for clients. Equipment is purchased purely for my own engineering requirements and is not dry hired out in order to preserve the physical appearance and reliability level.

Yamaha QL and CL series purchased with full Dante networking.


Digital desks are constantly evolving to meet the demands of sound engineers in all sectors of the audio industry the latest offering of CL5 and QL mixers brings a new workflow and wealth of useful tools to the mix station.


Yamaha QL 5 32/64 channel with full Rio Stage box system £250.00 + VAT Per day

Yamaha QL 1 16/32 channel with full Rio stage box system £200.00 + VAT Per day


The Yamaha CL 5 has been added to the digital desk collection to cater for the increased output count required for stereo IEM users. This teams via multiways with the 12 way Sennheiser G3 IEM rack.

                                               CL5 and 64 ch Rio Rack £350.00 + VAT Per Day

ppppppp Yamaha CL 5, 72 Ch 24 mix busses via Dante
ppppppp Yamaha CL 5, 72 Ch 24 mix busses via Dante

d&b Audiotechnik


There are five top audio manufactures in the world regarded as the best in their

class and d&b is one of them. It is rider friendly for a good reason and it is the perfect audio tool for sound engineers working in both  conference and live music 

events. To add to the existing Q and E series a new small V series line array and Point source has been purchased along with the new D80 amplifier range and is now being used for those up front and personal prestige events where the artist expects the best.



Also as part of the V series hire stock, the new slimline point source V10P (below)  a perfect vocal presence for venues with difficult acoustics and also featured a V series sub /top array makes for a very neat and powerful side of stage PA set up for ballrooms and awards parties where flown systems are not possible.




DPA Microphones 

Whether it is theatre ,conference or live music presentation DPA have a mic product to suit. I have invested in their D:fine D:screet and D:Vote series to 

service the many different applications required. The 4080 lapel model is a superb tool for live panel discussion where a PA is involved which is normally an engineer's worst nightmare! The 4099 10 piece Orchestra set with custom mic clips designed not to mark a valuable instrument have also proven to be a perfect tool in the DPA inventory and the D:fine single ear mic booms have become popular with speakers who don't like their hair being upset by a dual fit unit!

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MLS is happy to be providing audio and tech facilities again to Twickenham VIP. Beyond Certainty events,The UKCountry music radio awards 2018,The New Day Festival, Kent and Maverick events.


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