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MLS Audio ironically is a 'silent partner' within a project! I often work as the audio division for event and production companies who expect a first class result without compromise for their clients. 

Guy Morris

I originally entered the music industry as a radio presenter where eventually I got involved with a lot of the roadshow events, this was the time Take That were just starting out and I well remember having to ask Robbie Williams to move out of the way on one show as he was hanging around my work area as it was warmer! From there I started to supply the PA systems required. At the same time I was always hanging out with the radio station engineers and loved the whole technical aspect of what went on behind the scenes to make an event happen, which is where my passion grew along with a continuous learning curve! Having been in the presentation side it has been useful in understanding what an artist needs to help deliver their performance to its best at any level and the key to that is having both great equipment and attentive sound engineering as support. Whether I am looking after a corporate conference CEO and panel, a wedding band, an A lister or legend the focus and support is just the same. I have been fortunate to be left at FOH to mix Lionel Richie, Aloe Blacc, Lily Allen,Robin Thicke Big Country,The Acoustic Strawbs and a raft of others and really appreciate the support from their TMs and monitor guys who usually travel with them for the bespoke events I cater for. As a sound engineer I love teching both live band performances from Jazz to guitar Rock and Country inbetween, corporate conference events and theatre shows as and when, they are all so different in their requirements and challenges, likewise I'm happy to be out front mixing house or sidestage on monitors/IEMs. 

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Contact Guy on 07860  895498 I look forward to talking to you.

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MLS is happy to be providing audio and tech facilities again to Twickenham VIP. Beyond Certainty events,The UKCountry music radio awards 2018,The New Day Festival, Kent and Maverick events.


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