MLS Audio is pleased to be the 2022 sound provider for the main Stages at A New Day Festival,Kent
MLS Audio is pleased to be the 2022 sound provider for the main Stages at A New Day Festival,Kent

Please call if you require a  quote on any HK or FBT Audio products 

Both these brands feature products that are  excellent tools for bands and DJs and also with professional audio companies in many different applications from shout monitors to full level Line Array. Please visit the companies websites listed to view their full products. HK Audio is German and FBT are Italian so style and efficiency are just two major qualities you will discover.

I truly believe in only selling product I trust in and also use, along with the high end d&b and KV2 systems I often deploy the HK or FBT products, the HK Elements system is now one of my most popular sellers great for Duos, DJ's and and small band use and is now finding favour with production companies for distributed sound purposes and the perfect solution for reverberant venues. The FBT J series turned out to be the most surprising and versatile box on inventory. I got the J8 and J5 originally for shout monitor duty  but realised they were also great for discreet jazz band stage monitors and reference monitoring at a remote mixer away from the PA (conference is a good example) their quality was perfect for checking out what the DPA mics sounded like nearfield and this quality goes through the whole FBT range from the smallest box to their fully loaded Line array systems and the new and stunning Vertus CLA406 system. (pictured bottom of the page)

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