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Whats up!

Some events are just worth remembering and sharing the moment with, so if they happen I may blog them here!


It's 2017 here we go!


What a great way to start a new year with MLS providing band PA for 3 stages at the renowned Sushi Samba and Duck and Waffle in London. The 38/39/and 40th floors partied hard while the crew worked hard to make a great celebration.

It was also the first use of the new  d&b V10P boxes sitting over a pair of V subs

a side and they did what was expected of them, if you want to hear vocals these boxes do not disappoint!

My client Beyond Certainty of London had a particular busy December not only looking after the New year's eve party but  also sending me off to Fortnum & Mason for a variety of events (yes I got to shop a little as well for pressies) The Royal Exchange at Bank also had their switch on of the Christmas Lights with a 20 strong choir outside that required miking for harmonies but despite the interuptions from the Blues and Twos racing by they were brilliant,we just needed snow!

The festive season was followed up by a glitzy party at the Dorchester in February

with the talents of The Detroit Super band all 12 players were on IEMs via a CL5 and FOH PA was the  d&b V series line array.


Great news to hear MLS has been invited again to help provide the audio element

for the main stage at The New Day Festival Mount Ephraim Gardens in Kent during the August Bank holiday weekend in collaboration with Jigsaw and Banana productions.

Looking forward to meeting up with Coggers/Murdoch and Harley for a great 3 day slog of classic bands.


Following the success of the 2016 Norbiza event in Nottinghamshire,September this year has been pencilled for another session at Norwood House. How do you follow Andy Cato from Groove Armada maybe with the one and only Brandon Block?


The 6th annual UK Country music Radio awards are being held again at The Radisson Blu EMA and MLS has again been chosen to provide the audio tech. 

A real pleasure mixing the various bands that appear, I think I'm a secret country 

music fan and no Rhinestone in sight.....yet!

Check out Thorne Hill rising star


Following the event with Robin Thicke on board a Super Yacht on the Thames  for the NFL launch it was then straight on to Twickenham for the Rugby VIP hospitality. I was delighted to be back again providing 3 marquees with audio and engineering for the 6 Nations series during February and March. Photos of the tech can be seen in the gallery,each marquee was linked via a Dante network to provide Sky and music feeds with each presentation stage equipped with 4 Sennheiser G3 systems and a Yamaha CL5/ QL5 and QL1 desk looking after the local mixes.The lighting for the event was courtesy of Vibration and the event organisation by My shout and Smart.


I discovered recently I like Opera! Jigsaw events invited me to provide sound for the annual Bury Court Opera shows which are performed in an old and stunning renovated barn complex in Hampshire. The brief was for a multichannel soundscape designed by Kirsty Gilmore to run off QLab through an 8 channel Motu Ultralite to the surround PA as an atmospheric addition to the contemporary opera. I was present during the rehearsals and got quite  immersed in the performance, should have had a box of Maltesers to enjoy with it!


April brings a variety of party events and also my favourite annual charity sponsorship of the Gosport Gang Show technical support held at the Fernham Hall Hampshire. It's a week of working with some great people and as an ex-scout myself it is a great way to payback for the fun times I had as a young cub and scout. Over the years I have supported the event we have gone from an analogue Midas Verona through M7CL and now it's a CL5, needless to say  the voluntary crew love each coming year as the kit gets lighter and smaller!



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MLS is happy to be providing audio and tech facilities again to Twickenham VIP. Beyond Certainty events,The UKCountry music radio awards 2017,The New Day Festival, Kent and Maverick events.


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